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What you need to know OPMS Black Label FAQ

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What is OPMS Black Label Kratom? 

OPMS manufacture produced OPMS black to be more body euphoric and less head focused. If you love the opms gold and find that it’s too stimulating then the OPMS black is something you’ll like to try because it focuses on the nervous system more than the head. 


What is OPMS Black Label Made With?

OPMS black is manufactured with mitragyna speciosa red vein kratom leaves. Which is why it focuses on the body more and less head focused. Which helps with relaxation and sleep. 


What is the difference between OPMS gold and black label?

OPMS gold is manufactured with mitragyna speciosa maeng da veins such as white or green veins leafs, which is more head focused also known as energy through out the day. OPMS black is manufactured with mitragyna speciosa red vein leaves which focuses on the nervous system more allowing you to rest better. 

What is O.P.M.S. Black Label Liquid Kratom? 

OPMS black label kratom and capsules are made with mitragyna speciosa red vein kratom leaves from east Asia coutry, allowing the alkloids to focus on the body nervous system which helps individual relax more. The opms gold label kratom is processed with maeng da white or green veins which targets the head energy which provides more up lifting moods through out the day. Most commonly used by people are the OPMS gold label for morning dose and OPMS black label for night bed time and relax use.   

How much O.P.M.S Black label capsules should I take?

Generally because kratom isn't a FDA approved product, all kratom supplements isn't allowed to disclose how much you should take. However we're only sharing data on what general population do take. Majority of OPMS gold and black label consumes one single capsule per sitting and don't exceed two per day. 

What happen's if I take more than one capsule of OPMS black capsule? 

Kratom isn't synthetic element it is a organic raw product from the source, it is not modified from the true nature of where it came from. Which means you'll have to experiment to find your own tolerace base. Every individual has their own tolerance when it comes to kratom it's always recommended you tread lightly when you first use this raw product. By general population people won't take more than one single capsule of OPMS black or gold. Because OPMS black and gold labels are considered extra strength or enhanced product from its base form it's recommended by general users take you take one single capsule to half the capsule to find your own body tolerant. 

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  • Don’t listen to the worry warts about how dangerous kratom is. The only people hurt by kratom or OPMS shots are those who are usually way too much daily, or are using other drugs with it.

  • Today was my first time trying it, and I only took half. It worked within 30 minutes of taking it. I have fibromyalgia arthritis and the pain meds aren’t working anymore, I’ve done chiropractor and physical therapy and the pain just came right back. So I think I will be trying this again.

  • Here’s why to not use extract, here’s why to keep your leaf dose low…

    I’ve tried all the extract I can, nearly all of them, powders and shots, they give you a white vain head buzz, but unlike leaf, if you take a large dose, it does Not give you a euphoric body buzz. So I used a black years ago and didn’t feel much, finally after all this time, I decided to splurg and use 3 blacks. I felt a red vain opioid body buzz like I’ve been chAsing forever. Next time I tried 3 opms black shots, now I’ve learned, 4 after dinner is my jam. It is the relaxing euphoria feeling I’ve been after for 5 years of kratom use. There is just one problem, even at $13 each online for blacks, I prefer 3-4 for my high tolerance, so looking at over $50 for one dose. So unfortunately, it’s the only thing that works perfectly, but I can’t use it except on special occasions. So back to leaf, (which does nothing for me but stop pain and withdrawal) OPMS YOU ARE LOOSING SO MUCH BUSINESS, there are so many like me who would buy this stuff by the case if they were a few dollars each. I’m sure you are still killing it on low tolerance folks, but us high tolerance people would make your sales go into the billions. If they were $4 each I’d buy 8 shots per day. You need a wholesale case deal for long time users…

    J to the B
  • I’m just coming off of these products. Never again. After 3 years of taking, I had an extreme reaction and had blackened out. It did do the job that I needed it to do I’ll give it that. But my body just said no more. So no more it is. The detoxing was horrible. Worst pain I’ve ever experienced. The FDA needs to look I to this not to make bank on it but to know what to do when it goes wrong. It did give me my life back. But in the end of things, I would never ever go back. The worst detoxing I’ve ever experienced. Pain and sickness was horrible. Becareful and do your research. It will be needed. If you do it right. Clearly….I didn’t and not willing to go through any of that ever again:

    Richard Thick
  • I’m an experienced Kratom user and I take usually 8-10 grams of red vein, Maeng da or Bali. I have used the Black Capsules a lot and one is a good dose. Two at a time will leave you feeling quite uncomfortable and you will most certainly wake up with a headache.

    Some days I will take one at 2pm and another around 11pm. This is admittedly a bit overkill but when things amp up I’m usually laying on the couch watching TV before I drift to sleep. Drink lots of water, kids!!

    Ghost face

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