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OPMS - Gold Kratom Extract Capsules 5ct.
OPMS - Gold Kratom Extract Capsules 3ct.
OPMS Gold and silver comparison chart to regular capsule
OPMS - Kratom Capsule Extract Gold

OPMS - Kratom Capsule Extract Gold

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OPMS - Kratom Capsule Extract Gold 

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Frequently Asked Questions about OPMS Gold 


What is OPMS Kratom Gold?

What is OPMS Gold, consumer define's OPMS gold as a extra strength kratom, also known as concentrated form for kratom. This is designed for individuals who have higher then average tolerance. 


How much OPMS Gold single capsule is equivalent to OPMS silver and regular capsules or pills? 

OPMS Gold capsules is a extra strength form of kratom, below is a general chart compared to OPMS Silver and other brands of regular powder (500mg - 750mg capsule). There is a chart below that is based on consumer review. 


When should I use OPMS Gold capsules?

Based on consumer review customers only use OPMS Gold capsules when they realize or build a tolerance above 15 - 20 capsules (500mg - 750mg capsule) for convenience. Customers generally don't want to take so many capsules per sitting. Think about it, would you want to take 7-20 capsule each time you needed to take vitamins? If not then the OPMS gold is for you. 


What is OPMS kratom silver used for?

OPMS silver is known by consumer to be mild strength kratom also know as concentrate form. Above is a conversion chart between regular kratom capsule compared to opms silver and opms gold. The chart will give you a visual comparison to help you understand better.